On Friday 3 rd February we held a face-to face teacher training session for our Preparation centres and teachers involved in exam preparation. Our Centre Exams Manager, Susan Pexton, gave an update of local news and recent news from Cambridge including the merger of Cambridge Assessment and Cambridge University Press. We were joined by Montse Carretero, the Learning & Assessment consultant from Cambridge, who was able to make contacts and answer any queries about exam preparation materials.

The Teacher Training workshop in Lleida, was multi-level and focused on the “Reading and Use of English” exam, a challenging part for candidates. Our guest speaker was Jane Delaney who is a CELTA trainer and a writing examiner for Cambridge with years of experience at all levels. The aim of the workshop was to equip teachers with the skills and knowledge necessary to help their students effectively understand the tasks involved.

Teacher Training

The agenda

This teacher training session covered a wide range of topics, including reading comprehension strategies, vocabulary development, grammar and syntax, and writing techniques. Teachers learned about the importance of using a variety of text types to engage students and promote their reading skills. They also discussed ways to scaffold students’ learning, providing them with support as they develop their English language proficiency.

In addition to the formal training session, the workshop also provided opportunities for teachers to share their experiences and ideas with one another. This peer-to-peer learning was invaluable, as teachers could learn from one another’s successes and challenges, and share their own best practices.

People interacting on teacher training session

Teacher Training workshop

The teacher training workshop was a great success, providing teachers with the skills and knowledge they need to help their students develop their reading and use of English. With the increasing importance of the English language in today’s globalised world, it’s more important than ever for teachers to learn new ways to support their students’ language development.

Sue Pexton interacting with participants in teacher training session

Participation and networking

The Preparation Centre meeting was also a valuable opportunity for all participants to network with each other, seek advice and have their questions answered. During the breakfast break teachers could circulate, greet familiar faces and meet new ones.  Participants came from local academies as well as from La Franja and included the whole province of Lleida.

Our thanks to everyone for participating.